If You’re Scared of Me Now, Wait Till I’m Dead

I am a lover of horror novels, and especially revenge novels. This is a great one by Gene Cox,
If You’re Scared of Me Now, Wait Till I’m Dead

What do women do when a man in their life destroys everything that is important to them, and any chance of obtaining what they really want in life? What is the ultimate revenge?

The lives of four women are destroyed by a man in their life. They decide that nothing in life could be worse than no longer having any chance to attain what they truly want. A situation puts them in touch with each other. A psychic where they met informs them that he is in touch with the spirit world and knows how they can remain on earth as spirits after they die. The women make a suicide pact and make the lives of those who destroyed their lives way beyond hell. The men are driven to do anything, even seek their own suicides, to rid themselves of the vengeful spirits following them.

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October Review Round-Up

Here are the reviews posted during October. Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of books I read in October, but rather the books I had the time to review before month's end.

1) Seanan McGuire, Ashes of Honor: Couldn't Put It Down
2) Jo Walton, Ha'Penny: Good Read
3) Richard Kadrey, Devil Said Bang: Not My Cup of Tea (DNF)
4) Rae Carson, The Crown of Embers: Good Read
5) Ilona Andrews, Gunmetal Magic: Worth Reading, with Reservations
6) Ann Aguirre, Outpost: Worth Reading, with Reservations
7) Laura Bickle, Embers: Worth Reading, with Reservations
8) Sarah Langan, Audrey's Door: Problematic, but Promising
9) Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There: Excellent

As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)
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April Review Round-Up

Here are the reviews posted during April. Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of books I read in April, but rather the books I had the time to review before month's end.

1) Elizabeth Bear: Grail: Worth Reading, with Reservations
2) Maggie Stiefvater: The Scorpio Races: Excellent
3) Bill Willingham: Fables: Deluxe Edition: Book 1: Good Read
4) Sean Stewart: Mockingbird: Couldn't Put It Down
5) Patricia Briggs: River Marked: Good Read
6) Octavia E. Butler: Bloodchild and Other Stories: Couldn't Put It Down
7) John Green: The Fault in Our Stars: Couldn't Put It Down
8) Bill Willingham: Fables: Deluxe Edition: Book 2: Couldn't Put It Down
9) Kenneth Oppel: This Dark Endeavor: It's a Gamble
10) Lois McMaster Bujold: Paladin of Souls: Couldn't Put It Down
11) Ann Aguirre: Devil's Punch: Good Read
12) Bill Willingham: Fables: Deluxe Edition: Book 3: Good Read
13) Kit Whitfiled: In Great Waters: Good Read

As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)
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March Review Round-Up

Here are the reviews posted during March. Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of books I read in March, but rather the books I had the time to review before month's end.

1) Grant Morrison: Joe the Barbarian: Couldn't Put It Down
2) Mark Budz: Idolon: Worth Reading, with Reservations
3) Maria V. Snyder: Touch of Power: Worth Reading, with Reservations
4) Gail Carriger: Timeless: Couldn't Put It Down
5) Rebecca Guay: A Flight of Angels: Good Read
6) Elizabeth Bear: Chill: Worth Reading, with Reservations
7) Martha Wells: The Cloud Roads: Good Read
8) Margo Lanagan: Black Juice: Worth Reading, with Reservations
9) Seanan McGuire: Discount Armageddon: Couldn't Put It Down
10) Rick Yancey: The Monstrumologist: Good Read
11) Nick Spencer: Morning Glories: Deluxe Collection: Volume 1: Couldn't Put It Down

As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)
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November Review Round-Up

Here are the reviews posted during November. Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of books I read in November, but rather the books I had the time to review before month's end.

1) George R.R. Martin: Fevre Dream: Good Read
2) Brandon Sanderson: Elantris: Good Read
3) Melissa Marr: Graveminder: Below Standard
4) Alex Bledsoe: The Hum and the Shiver: Worth Reading, with Reservations
5) Laini Taylor: Daughter of Smoke & Bone: Couldn't Put It Down
6) Sam Cameron: Mystery of the Tempest: A Fisher Key Adventure: Worth Reading, with Reservations
7) Susanna Clarke: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: Not My Cup of Tea (DNF)
8) N.K. Jemisin: The Kingdom of Gods: Good Read
9) Richard Kadrey: Aloha from Hell: Good Read
10) Carrie Vaughn: Straying from the Path: Couldn't Put It Down

As always, comments and discussion are most welcome. :)

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The garage door rose slowly as James Benton rushed to his car on the morning after the first darkness had passed. Once in the car and backing out, he lit a cigarette. He took note that it was one of those rare days when none of his neighbors appeared to be leaving at the same time. He flipped his ashes outside the window as he pulled out of the cul de sac. Then he leaned over and turned on the radio. The speakers crackled out white noise. He changed the station and found that anywhere he moved the dial, nothing came through but static. He shut off the radio and muttered to himself, wondering what would go wrong next with the old junker

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My first post will be one of shameless self-promotion

Well, not entirely shameless. My name is Kat and I'm a self-published writer. Most of my story ideas fall into the horror or thriller genre, but I like for my stories and characters to have as many dimensions as I can give them. No matter how dark the tale, at least a little humor should be sprinkled in for balance. Protagonists are good and necessary to the plot and everything, but they're so much more interesting if they're flawed. I'll get bored and wander away from relationships that are perfectly blissful. In summation, if there is no genuine peril, there's no plot. I also miss the days--the 1980s--when monsters were still, you know, monsters. If a town relies on vampires and/or werewolves to protect them, their police department has utterly failed.

Caged is my full length novel. It's about a secluded island town off the coast of Texas plagued by a werewolf and the manner in which the residents deal with aforementioned unbreakable curse. The list price is 2.99 and links are as follows:

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My 0.99 YA novella, Haunted, concerns three teenagers investigating a supposedly haunted manor in an attempt to settle the debate whether or not ghosts exist.

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The Enterprise of Death by Jesse Bullington

Publisher: Orbit, 2010
Genre: Horror
Sub-genre: Historical

Read the full, spoiler-free review here! Free to click!

It's not the best day a young black slave has ever had when Awa is rescued from bandits by a necromancer who intends to force her to be his apprentice. He has a rather devious plan in store for her, which involves setting a curse on her just as she earns her freedom. Awa has ten years, and at the end of that time she will meet a fate more permanent than death, as her spirit will be completely obliterated.

Naturally, Awa intends to spend her time trying to find a way to remove the curse, but the world is not a kind place for a black necromancer woman, especially while the Spanish Inquisition rages through Europe. She can use the undead to help her, but it's possible the living might be even more useful, if she could trust someone long enough to make friends.

So not only is our heroine a competent black woman, she's a competent gay black woman. She's also not the only gay or bisexual character in the book, and "alternate" sexuality is never portrayed as something weird or bad. Monique and Awa are probably the strongest characters in the entire book, and what's better is they don't wind up in a romance with each other. That's right, there are two lesbians in the book, but they're allowed to decide they're not romantically suited to one another and move on. Had the premise not intrigued me in the first place, I'm pretty sure that would have been enough to convince me to pick up the book. (On the other hand, I'm not entirely sure this book passes the Frank Miller test but considering a sizable portion of the story happens in a brothel run by a gay woman who loves whores but is not interested in becoming one herself, your mileage may vary on whether that's valid or not.)

I did, however, have a few issues with the book. It's all over the place. The only thread drawing everything together is Awa herself, as the story meanders from one setting to another. It tries very hard to make our protagonist a well-rounded character, and therefore wants to show everything in great detail. We get long chapters featuring Awa as a young slave, then the story changes completely to show her under the tutelage of the necromancer, and another shift to her on the road, running from religious folks intent on killing her as a witch. Whether she's searching for a way to break her curse with a pair of ghosts in tow or living in a brothel (as a doctor of sorts, not a whore), it's presented in great detail and while the lengthy passages are interesting on their own, they don't so much feel like they fit in together so well. It felt like reading a series of stories rather than one long narration, and as a result this book took me forever to get through. A few of them could have been trimmed or cut completely and very little would have changed plot-wise. That's right, there are long sections in which nothing happens to move the plot forward.

It's also not the smoothest prose I've ever read. In the two paragraphs above, there are at least two nitpicky things I could get petty over, but since this is a review and not a critique group, suffice it to say the prose manages to get the point across but never approaches anything like beauty.
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In Need of Writers Knowledgeable About Horror Books

If this post isn't okay, feel free to delete!

I recently started a horror blog called dailyhorrordose, where we introduce readers to something horror-related every day, be it movies, games, comics, books, anime, etc. The problem is, none of the current contributors are especially knowledgeable in the books area. I thought this would be a good place to ask if anyone would be interested in being a contributor (whether it be on a permanent or occasional basis). The blog has some readers on LJ, but most of them are on Facebook. Anyway, if anyone is interested in helping out, please go here, and maybe glance around the blog itself (dailyhorrordose) to see how we do things.