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K.M. Spires

My first post will be one of shameless self-promotion

Well, not entirely shameless. My name is Kat and I'm a self-published writer. Most of my story ideas fall into the horror or thriller genre, but I like for my stories and characters to have as many dimensions as I can give them. No matter how dark the tale, at least a little humor should be sprinkled in for balance. Protagonists are good and necessary to the plot and everything, but they're so much more interesting if they're flawed. I'll get bored and wander away from relationships that are perfectly blissful. In summation, if there is no genuine peril, there's no plot. I also miss the days--the 1980s--when monsters were still, you know, monsters. If a town relies on vampires and/or werewolves to protect them, their police department has utterly failed.

Caged is my full length novel. It's about a secluded island town off the coast of Texas plagued by a werewolf and the manner in which the residents deal with aforementioned unbreakable curse. The list price is 2.99 and links are as follows:

1. US Kindle store.
2. UK Kindle store.
3. DE Kindle store
4. Paperback-coming soon.

My 0.99 YA novella, Haunted, concerns three teenagers investigating a supposedly haunted manor in an attempt to settle the debate whether or not ghosts exist.

1. US Kindle store.
2. UK Kindle store.
3. DE Kindle store.
4. Paperback version.
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