lisagene (lisagene) wrote in horror_novels,

If You’re Scared of Me Now, Wait Till I’m Dead

I am a lover of horror novels, and especially revenge novels. This is a great one by Gene Cox,
If You’re Scared of Me Now, Wait Till I’m Dead

What do women do when a man in their life destroys everything that is important to them, and any chance of obtaining what they really want in life? What is the ultimate revenge?

The lives of four women are destroyed by a man in their life. They decide that nothing in life could be worse than no longer having any chance to attain what they truly want. A situation puts them in touch with each other. A psychic where they met informs them that he is in touch with the spirit world and knows how they can remain on earth as spirits after they die. The women make a suicide pact and make the lives of those who destroyed their lives way beyond hell. The men are driven to do anything, even seek their own suicides, to rid themselves of the vengeful spirits following them.
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A pro-suicide book? Yikes...
Plus, the author is you, right?
Sometimes I think that there are more important things than life. Death is life's greatest invention. Not that I want to die, but I am not scared of it. I think that life continues after death, so nothing is really lost.
OMG too interesting!!
We women have to get our way, one way or another.